From Abdüsselam to Masoud Barzani

GÜVEN SAK writes:

American writers in Turkey infamously get their ideas from our taxi drivers, so I make a point of returning the favor when I am in the U.S. Usually, you say the name of your country and the taxi driver tells you what that name currently resonates with in the capitol.

Comment(s) 9/23/2017

We need a global strategy to help forced migrants

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Forced migration is different from migration per se. Forced migrants leave their countries due to deadly conflicts.

Comment(s) 9/16/2017

The Macron plan matters for Turkey

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Looking for a reason why the eurozone was so ineffective in combatting its economic problems?

Comment(s) 9/9/2017

The case for an ASEAN in the Middle East

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Years ago, I participated in a World Bank conference on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea, near Amman.

Comment(s) 9/2/2017

Arbil is no Barcelona

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Both Arbil and Barcelona are going to hold independence referenda in less than a month. Arbil set the date for Sept. 25 and Barcelona for Oct. 1.

Comment(s) 8/26/2017

The case for realism in Turkey-Europe relations

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“Not a day has passed in Turkey without a domestic security operation against an active ISIL cell,” a security expert noted the other day. “Just follow the news.” We had been talking about the Barcelona terror attack, but the conversation was coming back to Turkey very quickly.

Comment(s) 8/19/2017

From the Adriatic Sea to the Great Wall of China

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I recently read Henry Kissinger’s remarks in June about Turkey.

Comment(s) 8/12/2017

How it begins, how it ends

GÜVEN SAK writes:

I borrowed the title of today’s column from an old essay by the late Umberto Eco. The Western reaction to the Gülenist putsch attempt in Turkey last year made me go back to it.

Comment(s) 8/5/2017

Turkey and Germany need to increase bandwidth

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“How dare you consider vacationing in Turkey with my children?” said a wife to her husband in the back of a Berlin taxi.

Comment(s) 7/22/2017

Why do Turks smile less than before?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“There is something rotten in the state of Denmark” says Marcellus in the first act of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Living in Ankara, I can relate to that.

Comment(s) 7/8/2017

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