280 characters on Twitter

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Users have been pushing for it and in the end the administration of Twitter could not stand their ground and declared that they are trying to increase the character limit of a tweet from 140 to 280.

Comment(s) 9/28/2017

The future of Turkey’s satellite industry

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Technological advancement is good for any country. But there are some technologies that set the countries that have them apart from those that don’t.

Comment(s) 9/21/2017

Technology industry is being politicized

ERSU ABLAK writes:

By default, the technology industry has always supported freedom of speech and progressive policies, because in order to be innovative you need to be more open to the world.

Comment(s) 9/7/2017

What does ‘Internet of Beer’ mean?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

In the last couple of years, thanks to machine-to-machine information technologies, we have begun to hear about very interesting new phenomena.

Comment(s) 8/31/2017

Technology and hazelnuts, a love affair?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

We, as Turkish people, are very proud of our hazelnuts. We are the biggest producers and we believe we produce the best quality. At least that’s what I thought up until yesterday.

Comment(s) 8/24/2017

A modern day dilemma over Games of Thrones

ERSU ABLAK writes:

For the last 36 hours I am living through a great dilemma. It is absolutely a first world problem but it is also an essential one, for the future of our culture.

Comment(s) 8/17/2017

The crazy row over #organikhosaf

ERSU ABLAK writes:

If you are a foreigner in Turkey and used Twitter in the last couple of days, you were probably puzzled over the frenzy of the hashtag “organikhosaf.” Let me try to explain it.

Comment(s) 8/10/2017

CEO’s nightmares

ERSU ABLAK writes:

It is said that to be a CEO you need to have a different mindset. Some psychologists even say you need to have a lower empathy ability than the rest to be a CEO because you need to be able to fire someone without blinking an eye if you know that it is good for the company, even though you know it would destroy a family.

Comment(s) 8/3/2017

3 T’s: Trump, Talent and Technology

ERSU ABLAK writes:

According to Richard Florida, there are three T’s for any nation to prosper in our time.

Comment(s) 7/27/2017

More questions about iTaksi and Istanbul’s infrastructure

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Lately, I have written that it would be better if the Istanbul Municipality did not enter competition with private entrepreneurs

Comment(s) 7/20/2017

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