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AA photo

Saudi Arabia’s armed forces have started using a full-disk encryption device developed by Turkish technology firm C Tech, company officials told state-run Anadolu Agency on April 21.        

The device named Diskripto was produced by Turkish engineers using local resources for Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.        

Diskripto is a hardware-based full-disk encryption device that is designed to protect data-at-rest by encrypting content and securely sharing sensitive information. It is also used for the protection of several data categories including financial, private individual, military and government data.    

According to C Tech, Diskripto is totally user-transparent, unlike other software-based solutions. It is not exposed to software-based threats such as viruses and Trojans.       
The device, which can encrypt data of 600 megabytes in a second, is able to destroy its crypto keys when faced with an attack or external interventions, the company noted.    
In addition, C Tech continues working on a project to provide MOBIoTs - a live broadcasting and mobile data communication device from its flagship product family Modeo - for use in patrol cars of Saudi Arabian police.        
The Modeo product family is capable of collecting and transferring electronic news or videos.        

Along with government institutions, the trial process of Modeo products has been launched by many companies and institutions operating in Saudi Arabia.
C Tech recently met with several companies and institutions in Saudi Arabia in order to improve its current business relations and to seek new market opportunities, it added.


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